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New website coming really soon…

Hi. My new website will be online in following days. It means I will no longer update this site and all content related to my sound art practice and workshops will be found in the future from my new … Continue reading

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Arduino and cmos (nand 4093) -> 8bit noise.

Here is sound example of using Arduino and 4093 (nand) cmos synth together. With nand I’m using two oscillators. Same video clip can be found also from instagram. Example of Arduino code is here, I recommend to experiment with random … Continue reading

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Visual arts website temporarily here.

Hi everyone. While being on progress with changing host for my main website, you will find information of my exhibitions from here. New website is coming, after getting things running with new www-host and having some time for constructing … Continue reading

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First Electromagnetic Scanner workshops.

I had two Electromagnetic Scanner workshops in February 2016. One in MTI Leicester and other one in Studio Loos, The Hague. On the workshop the students build a simple audio device for locating and making electromagnetic waves audible. The battery … Continue reading

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Workshop as artwork?

I found interesting paper from ISEA2011 Istanbul archives: “A shift is occurring, particularly evident in art-and-technology contexts, in which the artist-led workshop is transformed into an important and distinguishable artistic form. Resulting from, and contributing to, the new accesses and … Continue reading

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Solarsynth-workshop for children, Stoa, Helsinki 6/2014

I worked as a tutor together with Iiro Tujula in a solar-synth workshop for children, arranged by Käsityökoulu Robotti. The duration of the workshop was one week and the participants were between 11-13 years old. The workshop was arranged in … Continue reading

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Diy synth and amp workshops, Espoo Kunstalle

Diy synth and amp workshops were arranged in Espoo Kunsthalle (curator Andy Best) 9/2013 during two weekends, one day per workshop. Diy synth workshop was based on NAND (cmos 4093) synth. Participants first prototyped their own version of the synth … Continue reading

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